Terms and Conditions

Web Management supplies routine update and maintenance services for web sites as per our Customer specific requests.

These are the main services we provide:

  • Image and video editing and post-processing;
  • Copywriting or review of texts;
  • Management of texts/images updates e-commerce related;
  • Social media management: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin;
  • Links management and creation;
  • Support on failures and malfunctionings;
  • WordPress updates;
  • SEO consultancy;
  • Web consultancy;
  • Newsletter design;
  • New features addition;
  • Web pages performance optimization;
  • Other, on Customer’s request

Our services are performed only via Web, by e-mail, CMS, FTP and the back-end of the Customer's hosting service.

The price for the subscription corresponds to the price of the update and maintenance plan for your designated website + VAT, as per price list available on our site www.web-management.it.

Web Management will issue a sales invoice in advance, billing the Client in a single payment.

The Customer should pay using a credit card on PayPal.*

Any plan chosen by the Customer starts from the date of the subscription and, unless the parties discuss and agree on a different duration, it will last for 12 months from the date of subscription.

The Customer should submit their requests in writing through our "Customer Area" using the login credentials provided during the subscription process. The "Customer Area" can be accessed directly (www.web-management.it/areaClienti) or via our home page (www.web-management.it).

Service included in the plan chosen by the Customer will be available Monday to Friday from 9:00 aM to 5 pM. Service support will be implemented within 2 days of the customer's request or within 2 days of receiving texts and graphic materials (if those are not received at the same time of the request).

Once the request has been carried out, the site will be tested by the Customer.

Web Management will carry out the request in accordance with the 'Implementation Scheme', in according to the needs expressed by the Customer, but also respecting technical standards that guarantee the compatibility of the site with the most popular browsers at the time of the release.

*PayPal’s T&C applied (see paypal.it).